Find Discount Homeschool Curriculum

Many families need to locate low-cost homeschool curriculum rather than pay the higher, retail prices. There are several useful home school curriculum providers that offer educational resources, such as books, science equipment, art supplies, and games at a discounted price.

Places to Look Online:

  • Academic Superstore
  • Amazon
  • Book Peddler
  • Christian Book Distributors
  • R.O.C.K. Solid Inc.

Offline Places:

  • Christian Book Stores
  • Borders, Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble Bookstores
  • Library Book Sales
  • Teacher’s Book Stores

Used Resources:

You can also purchase used curriculum materials if buying new resources presents a challenge in any way for you. Many used book fairs can be found at the end of the school year and during the summer months where you can find great prices on popular homeschool curriculum.

Check All Possibilities:

I have only listed a few of the sources I have used to purchase curriculum for our children over the years. You may have to become creative and think of innovative ways to obtain curriculum. For example, some publishers offer examination copies of their resources or will sell copies of resources at a lower cost when they first publish books. Always be on the lookout for discount prices and offers available to educators, including home schoolers in many cases. Register for and sign up for the discounts offered at bookstores and other places.

Choose carefully from the available types of resources to get the best homeschool curriculum materials for you and your family for a successful school year. You will be glad you invested the time to make an informed decision.