Find Discount Homeschool Curriculum

Many families need to locate low-cost homeschool curriculum rather than pay the higher, retail prices. There are several useful home school curriculum providers that offer educational resources, such as books, science equipment, art supplies, and games at a discounted price.

Places to Look Online:

  • Academic Superstore
  • Amazon
  • Book Peddler
  • Christian Book Distributors
  • R.O.C.K. Solid Inc.

Offline Places:

  • Christian Book Stores
  • Borders, Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble Bookstores
  • Library Book Sales
  • Teacher’s Book Stores

Used Resources:

You can also purchase used curriculum materials if buying new resources presents a challenge in any way for you. Many used book fairs can be found at the end of the school year and during the summer months where you can find great prices on popular homeschool curriculum.

Check All Possibilities:

I have only listed a few of the sources I have used to purchase curriculum for our children over the years. You may have to become creative and think of innovative ways to obtain curriculum. For example, some publishers offer examination copies of their resources or will sell copies of resources at a lower cost when they first publish books. Always be on the lookout for discount prices and offers available to educators, including home schoolers in many cases. Register for and sign up for the discounts offered at bookstores and other places.

Choose carefully from the available types of resources to get the best homeschool curriculum materials for you and your family for a successful school year. You will be glad you invested the time to make an informed decision.

How and Where to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum

With the current economic condition, frugality is the new norm. Many families with homeschooled children try to save money by looking for good deals on used homeschool curriculum. Keep in mind that when it comes to used books and manuals, the lowest prices are not necessarily the best options.

Before deciding to buy used homeschool curriculum, check the condition of the materials. Books and manuals are usually classified as new, like new, very good, good or acceptable. Ask for clarification when homeschool curriculum is classified as “very good” or lower classification. This could mean that the book has a damaged book jacket, marking, wear and tear, etc. Workbooks are consumables and they should be indicated as unused or with some pages marked.

It’s also a good idea to determine if the textbook is an old edition or a new version. Current editions command higher prices. From time to time new supplemental resources are developed and published, so it is better to purchase the current edition especially if the textbook will be used on online classes or in conjunction with an updated instructional DVD.

If your goal is to buy used homeschool curriculum at the lowest price, an older edition may be acceptable. The latest edition may contain minor updates, but if your budget is tight these updates may not be worth the higher price of the newest version. You can check the publisher information to find out exactly what changes were made in the new edition.

A little research can help you locate places where used homeschool curriculum for the school year can be purchased. One of the best places is the used curriculum area at homeschool conventions. This is where convention attendees sell books they no longer need. Prices are usually low and you will find a lot of choices.

If your area has a homeschool support group, they may hold used curriculum sales from time to time. The inventory may not be extensive, but you will be able to network with other homeschooling families

Don’t forget to check out online homeschool curriculum bargains. You can easily search for specific titles, author and edition. You may even post a list of the books you need to buy. Include Amazon, Craigslist and Freecycle in your search.

When shopping for used homeschool curriculum, be sure to check the condition of the books first. Take a few precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Which Really Works

If you are looking for a preschool homeschool curriculum which really works you are probably looking for something which was fun and interesting for your child, but you are worried about whether the material will actually improve your child’s long-term school performance.

Your Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Must Be Fun

Finding a curriculum which is fun is important, because in these early years of development having fun should be a real priority. However, many of the games and techniques that you might find to fill up your preschool homeschool curriculum may not be enhancing skills that your child will need in the future in order to learn effectively. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but mixed in with the fun activities most parents also want to provide a way that their child can develop to become an effective student throughout their whole life.

Your Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Must Be Targeted

The best curriculum is one that mixes both fun and targeted exercises to develop your child’s skills so that when they move into school, they can become good students. It is not enough to simply have fun when you have the opportunity to have a long-lasting effect on your child’s learning ability within your curriculum.

In the classroom, vision is the dominant sense with up to 80% of all information of child processes coming via the visual system. It therefore makes perfect sense to develop your child’s visual skills as part of your preschool homeschool curriculum, because this will give them an edge when it comes to learning in future years. If you can find a way to quickly and effectively develop the necessary visual skills for learning, and incorporated all into your preschool homeschool curriculum, then you will be giving your child a clear advantage which will serve them well throughout their life!

How To Incorporate Visual Skills Development into Your Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

It is not a difficult task to incorporate the development of visual skills into your curriculum. Many of the basic visual skills are enhanced by fun and interesting games which children love to play, and which are easy to integrate with your preschool homeschool curriculum to bring out the very best in your child.

The big question is what games do you play, how do you structure them and which ones will really develop the skills that your child needs to perform well for many years to come. As a papal optometrists, I’ve developed a specialized program which is easy to incorporate into your curriculum to help you develop these necessary skills in your child. It is quick, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun, and it could provide you with happy learning in a great school experience for your child, rather than years of struggle and difficulty.

If you want the best for your child throughout their school career, it is important that preschool becomes a time of development in every way. Injecting the development of visual skills into your preschool homeschool curriculum can supercharge your child’s learning ability long into the future!